Kid's Classes

I will inspire your child to be the best they can be, I will empower your child to feel more confident and I will encourage your child to have fun and enjoy their golf.

All the classes are well planned, fun and educational; we focus on game specific skills such as putting, the swing, bunkers and chipping plus essential lifeskills such as values, decision making and communication.

They are encouraged to get out on the course and play, we have weekly times set aside so the children can play with their friends and work on their newly learned skills (children can of course play at any other time but this is a specilaly booked time slot so they are not feeling any pressure).  All classes are set to suit the children's ages and abilties.

Under 9 years old - They discover and explore while we introduce the game of golf in an environment that is dynamic and child-centred. Our classes will cultivate their excitement for the game while developing the necessary physical and golf-specific skills that will enhance their enjoyment of the sport.

Over 9 years old - They will build upon the skills they have already learned, but will also be given key drills and techniques to enrich their fundamental golf skills of the game.  I continue to nurture their love for golf and delve deeper into key concepts making them well-rounded golfers.

For children more serious about their development 

Peak performance classes are provided which are smaller in size.  Here we work on all aspects of golf techniques but also areas such as how to practice efficiently and effectively, dealing with pressure.  We have regular reviews and goal setting sessions.

Private lessons - Not all children flourish in group classes, some prefer one to one private coaching - the best option is the "Tee2Green Programme"  which focuses on their individual needs and goals; we will work at a pace that suits them and their lifestyle constraints.  Click here for more details

Family Coaching

Golf is a wonderful sport you can play throughout your entire life; you can enjoy it alone, with friends or with family because you don’t play against the individual but yourself and the course - it is the perfect choice for all families, even those of you who are not so sporty!