Keeping your stats... why and how?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How to keep good stats and WHY?

Keeping stats for your game each time you play helps to build up a pattern for how your game is progressing.

If you are a regular golfer you already know that one day your short game is good and long game poor then the next it is reversed.  But is there a pattern?  Is it dependant on weather? Your warm up? Etc.

What stats should you track?

Always start with weather conditions, how you feel and your prep time before playing.

On a scorecard or if tech savy there are apps to do this for you, you can make a note of the following:


Fairway hit? if not, missed Left or Right

Greens in regulation

If a par 4 did you hit it in 2, par 3 1, par 5 is 3 (however, do take your handicap into consideration so work out where you get your shot and include this)


Did you get out in 1 shot? (for lower handicaps set your goal for how close you want to be e.g. up and down)


Did you chip close enough (set you own goal for this e.g. 1 putter length)


 How many? Don’t count putts from off the green as these are really counted in “chipping”


There are many more stats you can take but these are great to start with. 

Once you have enough stats you then will see a pattern in your performance and this will provide invaluable information to help us create goals and an action plan to improve your game for 2018.

A sample scorecard for keeping stats